The Voucher system is very much alike to booking flying tickets through the internet. When ordering tickets add into the comments in the order: Please issue a voucher. Once the tickets are paid by Paypal/bank transfer we will create a voucher with your name, address, number of tickets and information about the fest you will submit at the gate (print voucher or you can save it to your smart phone), together with your ID card. You will sign the receipt and get the ordered number of wristband(s).

Individual tickets  :

Prefest: 20 can$ + 3 can$ taxes (TPS & TVQ) = 23 can$

Friday: 45 can$ + 6,74 can taxes (TPS & TVQ) = 51.74 can$

Saturday: 45 can$ + 6,74 can taxes (TPS & TVQ)  = 51.74 can$

Sunday: 25 can$ + 3,74 can taxes (TPS & TVQ) = 28,74 can$


Passes :

3-day pass: 100 can$ + 14,98 can taxes (TPS & TVQ) = 114,98 can$

2-day pass: 80 can$ + 11,98 can taxes (TPS & TVQ) = 91,98 can$

For our US friends >

3 day passes (friday/saturday/sunday) will be sold at 94 us$ (taxes inc). 

2 day passes (friday/saturday) will be sold at 75 us$ (taxes inc). 

Individual tickets : 

Prefest: 19 us$ (taxes inc). 

Friday: 43 us$ (taxes inc). 

Saturday: 43 us$ (taxes inc). 

Sunday: 24 us$ (taxes inc).

Paypal : 

Due to taxes and certain restrictions we have decided to sell the tickets via PayPal. 

We figure that everyone has access to PayPal one way or another. If for whatever reason you don't have a PayPal account, one of your friends will. We will be checking ID/PDF voucher at the door to issue tickets and bracelets each day.

3 day passes are limited so get your hands on these suckers asap!!! 

Please make reservations below.

Tickets OEF AMERICA 2015