ABERRANT United States



Prepare the fucking barricades, ready for the wall of death? ABERRANT amigo!!! This extreme grindcore band from U.S. will explode on stage so you can kick, punch and try not to be murdered in the pit. If your expectations are peace, this is not the right place or band ´cause these guys are looking forward to blow the whole space into nothingness.


Fast riffs, drums like hell, crushing vokills!!! A perfect mix to get you to the next extreme level ..ABERRANT will charge the stage with full liberation power turning your mind and body to disposable pieces on the ground. OEF will reward you for your courage in the pit!!!! Don´t hide and face the combat!!!


Formed in 1999 by Chris (Porkchop) Cannell (formally of Catheter) and Todd Loftis (Code Anti Code) with the intention of writing the most extreme grindcore we could muster up!! The name Aberrant means deviation from the norm and that’s why we named this project that, because that’s exactly what we intended to do. We wrote a handful of songs and played a few shows that winter.. Unex...pectedly Todd had to move out of state, so it was put on hold…


2001- Chris got the itch to start up the project again, so a friend Ezra introduced him to drummer Yancy (currently with Roskopp) with the intent to record some songs and put out a demo. Shortly after we obtained Mark (Cornbread) Busy on second guitar and backing vocals, we recorded a three song demo and played a handful of shows. 2002-2004-Yancy met Alton (Forcd Instinct) at a Napalm Death show and talked with him about doing vocals for Aberrant, he agreed and was the new vocalist for us starting that same year.That same year H murder (Catheter) came aboard on bass duties. We recorded the demo 7in and the split with the mighty Unholy Grave with this line up. Soon after we parted ways with Mark, and Nick Sandoval (ex Evisorated Soul,current Its for a Cop) stepped up for second guitar duties.Then H murder left the band and Mark came back on bass for a bit and we re recorded he bass for the Unholy Grave split and recorded the DHIBAC split. Javram Tilton(currently Space In Time) came aboard on bass. He was in the band for around 6 months or so and decided to move on. After that we decided no more bass, and we haven’t had one since. With this line up we recorded the Fistfuck split cd and the split with NDS. 2005-2006-We parted ways with Yancy late this year. We recruited Dave Otero for drum duties on three songs for a 7in that was never released, until it came out on the Grindworks LP/CD. Yancy returned to play crush fest with us and that was the last how we played until 2010. 2007-2010-We were dormant through these years and Chris was out of state but we managed to still keep in touch and keep writing songs. We recruited JP (ctttoaff) on drums and begun rehearsing again with Chris flying in as often as possible. We soon parted ways with Nick and decided to be a three piece band. We released Complete Grindworks 2010 this year.We played three shows and then we booked our Japanese tour. Unfourtonately JP was unable to go, and he introduced us to Gordon (BSOK, Iron Horse). He filled in for the tour and after became our permanent drummer. 2011-2012-We have since toured Brazil and released a split LP wit DER, and a split 7in with Darge. We are currently writing new material for upcoming full length and west coast tour. Nov 2012- We have since parted ways with Gordon on drums and have recruited Jeff Malpezzi to man the skins!! During these 13 years we have toured the mid west 3 times, many trips to New Mexico, toured Japan and Brazil. Many things are in the works keep an eye out for new releases and tours around the globe.


Current line up -

Chris (porkchop) Cannell - guitar

Alton Aberrant – vocals

Jeff Malpezzi - drums


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