Four sexual sickos will plague OBSCENE EXTREME AMERICA with a high dose of brutal death grind directly from Usa!!! Crushing riffs and massive gutturals with too much alcoholism will be present at this festival. No liver will be safe during their set. High dose of alcohol and devastating death metal from Wisconsin will arrive!


From the ashes of a great undeground band called SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH (played OEF in ), this band is born as SEXUAL ATROCITIES! Are you ready to headbang and get wasted at OEF AMERICA? Then surely don't miss set of SEXUAL ATROCITIES!!!


After the band formerly known as Screaming Afterbirth broke up, original member/drummer Jesse and long time SA guitarist Jim kept on drinking and grinding. After a very brief lineup change, they came back with a vengeance under the new moniker SEXUAL ATROCITIES. The final lineup consists of Jesse Kehoe, Jim Powell, Erick Leider and Josh Bodi. They wage an all out sexual assault of old school grooves, ear-fucking blasts, sick gutturals and pitch shifts, and pissed off livers! SA has played CIM for numerous years and has destroyed the stage in recent years!! If you have been to a Sexual Atrocities show then you know to expect to unexpected and lots of drinking, if you haven't then you need to now!!! The new album "Planet of the Rapes" was just released on Sevared Records and Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records. For fans of Rompeprop, Squash Bowels, Last Days of Humanity, and partying!!!


Featuring current and former members of Foetopsy, Fucksaw, Anal Blast, Mass Murder Messiah, Fleshgrind, Toxoplasmosis, Face of Ruin, and Inferneon.



Dick Itches - Vox

JJ Blaze - Drums

Sticky Privates - Guitars

Lord More - Guitars


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2012 Planet of the Rapes
2007 Screaming Afterbirth/Stoma split
2006 Screaming Afterbirth/Methadone Abortion Clinic split