Are you searching for agressive, insane, possessed thrash at OEF America? With fast riffs and lyrics full of trips on the edge of overdose? A fusion of insults to liturgy with blasphemic hallucinations where demential and profane converge... that´s what this band from Queretaro formed in 1999 can offer.


Now with some changes in their line up but with a reproach and adversity-proof temperament; with one demo, two full-length albums and a participation in compilations during their career (Promo Reh ´02, Libido Clerico ´05, Deathplagued ´09 and Shit on the Cross Reh 2010) and standing in the middle of a brutal battle of thrash bands in Mexico, Profanator is a really ass kicking band that comes to taint the idea of idolatry and religion... Looking for a pit full of beating and execration??? PROFANATOR... lustfully at OEF AMERICA.


The band started in 2002 with the line up of : Daniel Espinoza (drums) Octavio Olachea (bass) Antonio Nolasco (vocals) and Antimo Buonanno (guitars) the were recorded the first rehearsal cdr the "Promo Huevos" reh. 02 instantly the band started to play and have a circuit of gigs and signed to Magnicidio recs to record first album "Libido Clerico" in 2004 in 2007 the band reformed the line up with Alejandro Franco and Mauricio Perez as drums and bass respectively and recorded "Deathplagued" demo song in the 2008 intantly Ablaze recs signed to the band to release the 2nd album "Deathplagued" in the same year and having some shows and mini tours in the country the band again were reformed with new members now on the 2012 the new and best line up the band had have is:


Urique Quinones - guitars

Led - drums

Edson Sanchez - vocals

David Delgado - bass

Antimo Buonanno - guitars


The band had recorded recently a demo song in 2012 "Wormed" that will be included in the 3rd album released by Xtreem Music in 2013.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2012 Wormed demo song
2008 Deathplagued album
2004 Shit On the Cross ep cassete