Time to bark at and hunt the neoliberalism. Scumdogs is the weapon that shoots at absolutism and grinds it down during any live performance. Formed in 2010 in Mexico City by members of Teratogeny, Grindmongers and Deranged of god, these hounds enjoy eating fascist meat listening to their fast and aggressive sound… This mix was sure to give birth to a smashing machine against the domain, despotism and tyranny with raw and forehand grindcore.


When these rascals start to play your skin and your mind regurgitates contempt and hatred of the regime, the cajolement… and gives birth to the most primitive principles of identity and equity in a provocative and combative manner; finding a target to shoot their agitation through antimusic. They have self produced a demo in 2011 and we are looking forward for a CD in 2013… It's time to launche the offensive. Get out of your trenches!!! Ready… Aim…: SCUMDOGS!!! Machine gunning OEF AMERICA 2013!!!


Banda de grindcore de la Ciudad de México formada en el 2010 con ex miembros de Teratogeny, Grindmongers y Deranged for god. La banda incorpora diferentes influencias pero siempre centrada e influida por el grindcore más crudo y directo.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2013 Nueva grabación
2011 Demo cassete - S/T 2011 Auto-producido y después re-editado por DIY Noise (USA) y Sacrificial Tapes (Escocia).