A very well done bastardized Grindcore, an expression too greedy. The brutality, the chaos and madness do not cease. That is the sound of THE MASSACRE MUST BEGIN... A band that takes its most macabre musical obscurities at high level.


To understand what makes T.M.M.B. so unique you must have heard the most violent bands and be accustomed to any kind of bloodshed, have seen some narco execution or have had a strong plane crash, because that's just how they do their Death Grind. There's no mercy for anyone in OEF America 2013!!!


The Massacre Must Begin (TMMB) was officially formed in November 2007, after the return of Oliver (drums) from the city of Toronto and Lex (vocals) from Montreal. The concern to form a band became with a long and solid friendship of many years, as well as the diversity of influences and tastes in metal having each of its members. "Odio" and "Dios?" were the first songs that defined TMMB with that raw and aggressive sound that identifies them nowadays. In April 2008 TMMB recorded at LSD (Loud Sound Design) in City of Mexico its first EP entitled "Sentimientos Inminentes de Muerte" which features 7 tracks. Based on increasingly complicated riffs, a brain squishing drums and two slaughtering aggressive and raw voices, they focus on the most brutal and powerfull genre of metal which is Grindcore. In this same year promoted the EP giving shows in Mexico City and on some tours in central Mexico. TMMB recorded his first video teaser as a complement to the promotion of the EP and the video "Masacre" which was banned a few months later to contain explicit, violent and inappropriate material. In the 2008 summer TMMB got endorsored by Madison Amps (Denver, CO) one of the most important companies focused handmade amps to the international metal scene. In June of the same year, Nisan (Belibette bassist) joins the band to distil violence, hatred and brutality.


2009. TMMB has continued to give shows in most of central Mexico states. In February, they recorded the second promotional video teaser called "síntomas de muerte". "TMMB" also was finalist in the first battle of the bands most important held in Mexico, the Metal Battle Wacken Open Air 2009 in Germany, which was held in May at Circo Volador, one of the most important venues in the metal scene. In December TMMB recorded his first LP Full length at LSD (Loud Sound Design) in Mexico City, said LP has 12 Tracks and was recorded by Miguel Angeles (MAT Studio), mixed by Miguel Angeles and Lex Ortega.


2010. In January, TMMB get signed by American Line, a label distribution for their first full album. July 03 launch for sale its first self-titled album with a presentation of the album at Circo Volador, joined by Guinea, Semen, Oxidised Razor and Garrobos.


From 2009 to this day The Massacre Must Begin is part of the Mexican Gore Mafia and In The Name Of Gore participating in the tours of these groups with the most brutal and extreme bands in the country of Gore-Grind scene. The main purpose of TMMB is and always will show the ability to destroy each stage in doing a show and also showing to people their attitude, capability and quality that exists on the national scene; TMMB shared the stage with bands of local scenes Deathcore, Gore and Grind such as Semen, Paracoccidioidomicosisprostitissarcomucosis, CARNE, Anarchus, Cacofonía, Garrobos, Visceral Grinder, Porno Infantil, Fecalizer, Prohibitory, Pigtails TxPxFx, Balam Akab, Rapture, Oxidized Razor, Cross and Blackwell, From My Cold Dead Hands, to name a few, as well as on the international scene as Resplador (Colombia), Onanizer (Czech Republic), Etacarinae (Spain / Portugal), Insidious Decrepancy (Texas USA), Agathocles (Belgium), Konfident (Czech Republic) , Viscera Infest (Japan), Epitome (Poland), Blow Up (Belgium), Empty Feeling (Czech Republic), Pullmonary Fibrosis (France), Asesino (Mexico / USA), Anvil (Canada), Warbringer (USA), Abigail Williams (USA), Magnificat (Mexico / Germany), Sorcery (Argentina).


In 2012 TMMB recorded two songs for direfentes coupled albums. "Post Mortem" for the Hardest Crew and "Planeta Deshauciado" for the Garrobos tribute album, the most representative band of the underground punk scene.


Today The Massacre Must Begin working on the production of their new album due out in late 2013.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2013 Trubuto a Garrobos
2012 Hardest Crew
2010 The Massacre Must Begin Silver Bullet Edition