Born in 2004 being one of the ramifications of "PornSquad" formed by "Teen Pussy Fuckers" and them, playing groovy porngrind filling it with absolutely fetishists images and the love in sick sex industry, the porn you don´t want to see or hear brought to you in its most vile expression not to mention how sweet and funny is fucking the way you like most. With them on the stage we´ll have tons of joy while reveling in their pornographic extasis that will penetrate your ears and make you fall into frenzy.

Enlist dilatant bombs and dildo launcher mortars, all soldiers consume as much viagra as they can and heroines dress in sweet outfits threatening combatants... hide minors and prepare to feel the sexual and pornographic stupor... the orgy can begin at OEF America 2013!!!


Tpf Pigtails starts his porno life back in the 2003 when it was a one man band with john pigtails as only member playing and creating all stuff always influenced by CBT GUT TDEBN and many other gore grind & porn bands. Trying to create some HQ porno stuff at that time some members joined john to create noise including a real drummer. We have some gigs but it wasnt what i was looking for Pigtails or TPF so i returned to the one man band along with my other project TPF creating music and playing a few live shows including the massacre fest 2005.


Then later that year I release a demo cd and i start playing with some guest vocalists until a mini tour in Cancun and Yucatan mexico in 2006 where I met my friend and brother "Jona Rata". He was playing bass with OXIDISED RAZOR back then & he help me with vocals in those Gigs it came out realy fucking good so we have been playing together since then Tpf pigtails starts a great porno carrer since then releasing cds with bands like bitch infection and a lot pf good things cumming out for us. Later In 2007 we release a split cd and since that split we have a lot of luck and start playing in a lot of gigs in mexico playing with great bands like ROMPEPROP, 2 MINUTA DREKA, TORSOFUCK AHUMADO GRANUJO etc. And releasing a lot of cds with both bands and having a lot of good response from people around the world that Supports the mexxxican pornsquad all this time so we as a band have 7 years playing, but PIGTAILS TPF have 10 years on the porno scene and what better way to celebrate it than playing in the OEF!!!


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