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Fast, fast , fast and brazilian... ensuring good drum blast, strident and loud guitar, scathing bass and anger stained screams with no subtraction of acute melody and excelent skull crushing drums.


These grindcore punkers began in the late 90´s with intense live shows and having only two former members now they keep threatening the world with their explosive-effusive polyphony exciting the finest underground ears in Brazil and south america, shouting and breaking music through the emerging noise that comes from their bastard, tumultuary and twisted thoughts. Now they will intensify the agony and dread in OEF AMERICA 2013!!! Pum, Pum... Bang, Bang!!!



This season just me and the original guitar player, I played drums until 1999. In 2001 Barata joined the band and brings speed and more "accurate" for the band, at this time our bass player was another and stayed with us until 2010. In 2010 enters the player bass Mauricio, who played with I Shot Cyrus / La Revancha and keep this training to date. 2012 we launched the split with Aberrant. We make some new songs for a future 7".



Thiago - Vox

Barata - Drums

Mauricio - Bass

Renato - Guitar


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2012 Split w/ Aberrant (EUA) CD, LP
2011 Quando a esperança desaba CD
2010 Quando a esperança desaba LP