It was in 2010 when these agitators started their well cemented punk–crust with metal influences in Mexico City. However, their short time in the scene does not mean they cannot offer mutiny and bustling material and being subversive and demanding. Listening to their lyrics you can notice they are definitely fucking tired of the damn system that has always oppressed us and have found a way to answer in a proper way: with noise and vocal power, with the odes of insurrection and cries of anti oppression instigating your brain to action, with extreme music offering a solution and an advise. Its members: Ame, Demian, Yair and El explore the methods to eradicate shame and apathy. OEF13 AMERICA opens pleasantly its space to these indifference ruiners... Take cover everyone!!!


Rhuckuss es una banda que nace en el 2010 por parte de ame y salinas (ambas ex what if gods lie 2002/2008) con la intencion no solo de seguir en el ruido si no tambien de canalizar nuestro gusto por bandas no solo de crust sino tambien de otros generos como el doom y otras mierdas. En el camino se nos han unido varios amigos musicos como lorenzo partida(transmetal) y ahora estan con nosotros demian(intoxxxicated) y yair(mdd).


llevamos poco tiempo de formados asi que no hay mucho que decir y mucho por hacer en el futuro. Por salir split lp con schrotz(germany) y gira europea 2013.



AME - drums

SALINAS - gutar, vocals

DEMIAN - lead guitar

YAIR - bass


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