GREED Mexico



Come to blow up your existence at OEF AMERICA 2013!!! …run to the stage crushing skulls when you listen to the raucous and irreverent sounds of GREED!!! Formed in 2011 with members of the well-known bands Oxidized Razor and Agnosis, with remarkable d-beat/hardcore/crust influence.


Having participated in great gigs with international bands with good and high acceptance; they are about to record their first splits with the bands Livstid from Norway and Rageous Intent from Spain and their first long-playing album. This time they want to drill your unconsciousness and if you do not plan to be in the pit, at least scream, laugh or sing in this dirty libertarian cacophony… OBSCENE EXTREME, the biggest orchestra in the world!!!


Greed is a trio formed in 2011 with members from Oxidized Razor and Agnosis, with Aaron on guitar and screams, Chino on bass and Gonzalo blasting drums. They’re influenced by hard-core, crust and d-beat. In 2012 toured in Mexico with Total Chaos and recently played in Mexxxico gore grind open air 2013. They’re about to release a split with Livstid (Norway) and other with Rageous Intent (Spain) , and their first LP.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2013 Greed / Rageous Intent split EP, MC (TAPE)
2013 Greed / Livstid Split CD