Make no mistake. Landmine Marathon is a modern death metal band. But unlike the slew of hacks with bad haircuts and breakdowns metastasizing the genre, they look back through their trail of destruction with a clear line of sight to the forefathers.


Imagine members of Carcass, Bolt Thrower, and Napalm Death finding the fountain of youth and forming a band in the 21st century. Landmine Marathon grind, blast, pummel, shred, rock, and lay waste like none other as they haunt the heavy music landscape of today, euthanizing classic metal acts and paving their own way. Be prepared to witness Landmine Marathon’s path of destruction at OBSCENE EXTREME 2013!!!


Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, the band was formed in 2004. After releasing a couple of demos in 2005 the band released their first full-length with 2006’s Wounded. While metal maniacs were digesting that slab of molten death-grind, they continued to sharpen their blades and refine the band’s sound. Landmine Marathon returned with their 2nd long player Rusted Eyes Awake in 2007 to critical acclaim in the underground circuit.


The band was picked up by Prosthetic Records for their next release, Sovereign Descent, which put Landmine Marathon on the international map. Sovereign Descent features crushingly organic production courtesy of the band’s guitarist Ryan Butler (at his Arcane Digital Recording Studios) and beautifully depraved artwork by renowned artist Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel, Suffocation). Having graced the stage with everyone from D.R.I. to Cannibal Corpse, the band have amassed hundreds of shows under their belt including recent tours with Skeletonwitch, Book of Black Earth, Salome, Withered, and Warbringer. They’ve also performed at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, Scion Rock Fest, Los Angeles Murder Fest, Prosthetic/Action PR Showcase, and South By Southwest. In 2011 Landmine Marathon unleashed Gallows. Once again tapping their own Ryan Butler for recording duties, Gallows is Landmine Marathon’s most developed and pulverizing musical statement to date. While seamlessly switching between death/grind metal, the riffs and subsequent song structures also display elements of hardcore/punk, often rolled up in the same track. The album also features stunning art by Rob "Mid" Middleton, who has previously worked with Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Deviated Instinct. Upon releasing Gallows the band, again, received widespread acclaim with taste-making European metal journalists leading the charge. Terrorizer Magazine claims that Landmine Marathon have “taken their blood-lust to a whole new level” and have figured out “exactly where their strengths lie.” Perhaps the highest praise comes from Metallica’s James Hetfield personally selecting Landmine Marathon to perform at the first annual Orion Fest. With the validation of being handpicked by one of metal’s finest, Landmine Marathon are poised for world domination.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2008 Rusted Eyes Awake
2007 Split 12"/ CD EP with Scarecrow CD, EP
2006 Wounded