SICK/TIRED United States



A nod to new school and old school grind with influences drawn from Cripple Bastards, Agathocles and Bolt Thrower as well as having been compared to Magrudergrind and Nasum. Sick/Tired maintain a hardcore edge with a heavy influence from Hardcore legends like Negative Approach, Infest, and Siege with blistering fast blast beats, stop on a dime changes, scathing high and low vocals and sludgy hardcore riffs all rolled into one.


Formed in 2008 by ex-members of MK-Ultra, Weekend Nachos, and Right to Remain, Chicago's Sick/Tired play a punishing brand of Grindcore that is heavily influenced by Hardcore/Punk mixed with Powerviolence. Their 1st LP "Highlife" was released in 2010 on To Live a Lie Records. To date they have released 5 records to include an LP, two 7" eps, and two split eps. In 2011 they parted ways with their original vocalist and added A. Jennings (Winters in Osaka, Paucities). Their new full length album "King of Dirt" will be released on Cowabunga Records in early 2013.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2013 King of Dirt LP
2012 The Lifetake
2012 1st 7" EP