Colombian brutality sets foot on Mexican ground. Extreme and brutal death metal since 2003. This band from Bogotá, Colombia has a sound inspired by gluttony for human flesh, with intense and deep growls, overwhelming blast beats charged with an energetic bass and explosive guitar riffs.


They will crush the stage unveiling their third album entitled "The Origin of Murder". AMPUTATED GENITALS are ready to make blood run at OEF America!!!


AMPUTATED GENITALS was born in 2003 with all the brutality and disease and Brutal Death Grind Death, formed by Daniel Paz (bass-guitar), Alberto Martínez (drums) and Sebastián Guarín (Voice).


Their first CD entitled "Human Meat Gluttony" is produced and distributed worldwide by Gore and Blood Productions label, having a great reception from different labels and fans of this genre end. Jonathan Pena "Leviathan" of Evil Darkness joins the band to complement alignment with their contribution as a musician guitar live. With this alignment Amputated Genitals disclosed nationwide further thanks to multiple local concerts and participation in the annual festival known as Bogota Grind Death Fest. For 2006 Amputated Genitals toured the Republic of Venezuela where he received a great reception from the ends and brutal Venezuelan fans, so much so that by 2008 these lands back to continue spreading their ferocity in that country. In 2009, Jonathan Pena "Leviathan" leaves the band. In this same year and after so many good reviews from the public and continued support brutal, Amputated Genitals is dedicated to working on what would become their second studio album entitled "Family Bloodbath" which would see the evolution and the potential level of lyrical and musical composition. He joins the band Julián Suarez (Suppuration) on bass, to make it sound more extreme, compact and powerful. Amputated Genitals thus becomes one of the most promising bands in the metal scene Colombian showing great speed and heaviness in the implementation of the various instruments by their members and in turn being projected as a band and export high quality. Amputated Genitals has shared the stage with Putrid Pile, Malignancy, Lividity, including Colombian and festivals such as Armenia Death Fest and Birthdeath Party on several occasions. Sebastian Guarin (Voice) leaves the band in 2010. Amputated Genitals presented in the Festival Rock al Parque, one of the biggest festivals in South America, under the name Purulent Tribute in 2011. In 2011, Angel Ochoa (Cephalotripsy, Condemned) joins the band. Amputated Genitals is working on its third album titled "The Origin of Murder". His latest release is his single, "The Origin of Murder" produced by Ed Talorda (Disgorge). In 2013, the band will have different presentations in Colombia and Mexico, in their tour called "The Blood Runs Once Again 2013" and the Obscene Extreme Festival America 2013.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2009 Family Bloodbath” CD
2005 Human Meat Gluttony CD
2005 “A Bombardment from the Southern Paradise CD