Overwhelming the scene from the southern part of the continent and grinding the consciences in a state of narcosis... from Argentina "THE KILLING"! Grincore band influenced -in their own words- by "damned chaotic current situation".


Created in Buenos Aires in 2005 to saw conservative minds down, demolish the stupid oligarchic consumerist foolishness, spread the subversive essence in each of their performances... the limit of their haunting shouts and imprecations has not yet been reached, their savage and atrocious anti-music performances expand to borderless latitudes, without barriers, unrestrained... load ammunition OEF, there will be no mercy or apathy or submission; it is time to kill, time to stike back, taste the emancipator ecstasy!!!


Release your fucking mind at OEF AMERICA 2013!!!


In 2005 (Buenos Aires - Argentina) ... The Killing starts with the idea of spitting to people all the shit that this fucking reality generates in us... extreme social lyrics, evil riffs, screams and chaotic blastbeats, just gangster grindcore!!


Restless… The group plays in homeland Argentina, Latin America, reaching Mexico several times (tours in 2005, 2008 and 2010) and crossed the ocean for the first time in October / November 2012 presenting their third album "Maldito & Caotico" playing 15 shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic. The second concert of this tour, in Antwerp Music City, was recorded and will be the 4th The Killing album "En Vivo en Amberes".


The Killing returns in March 2013 to Mexico (will be the fourth visit of the group) to participate in the most brutal fest in America, Obscene Extreme Festival, where they will present their new album and songs from the previous 3 albums.


If you are tired of this shit system, shit religions, shit politicians, shit police ... you'll be one of us!!


The Killing ... in favor of no one, against everything.





Vocals: Anti-Cristo

Guitar: Fede Averno

Guitar: Seba Muerte

Bass: Martin Furia

Drums: El Negro Terrorista


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2013 The Killing en Vivo en Ambere
2013 Maldito & Caotico
2013 The Killing en Vivo en Amberes