The cries cease and lamentations fall silent, no more massacre or devastations; the rotted suppurations and the atrocities; aberrations are behind and only waste is left. You puked, you are sick and tired but survived the landmines, but not greed for your life; you had phobias and fear ´cause of napalm, you profaned the mosh pit with malignancy leaving fetuses and rats behind... but it was all doom and crisis, you even lost your soul and it was a complete and total GENOCIDE!!!


Still playing as fearce as they always did. This Grindcore band from Mexico City formed in 1997 and came through extreme lineup changes that almost led to a complete disintegration. But they have stayed together to annihilate the entire OEF 2013 AMERICA!!! Play Fast or Die!!!


GENOCIDE was formed in 1997 under the name of EXTREME MIND.


Christian "Sapo" Hernandez (Guitar) - Founder of the band and current band member (1997-2001, 2005 - Present)

Mauricio Perez (Guitar) - Current Lust member and current producer of the band (1997-1997)


Carlos Lopez (Drums) - Now retired (1997-1999)


Javier Gutierrez: (Bass), Ex-Bass of Lust, (1997-1998)


Giovanni Duran: (Voice) - Founder of the band, currently based in foreign countries (1997-2011).


With this line begins to make known to the band, getting some shows in mexico and the interior of the republic, preparing the material that would be recorded and years later under the name of Genocide. Due to time constraints the same year they started the project with Mauricio P. leaves the group, months after Javier G. Also leaving the lineup. Submitting Eduardo L. MOURNING APRIL guitar (1998-1999). By the end of the nineties the band was weakened by some issues agenas band as drummer Carlos L. leaves the band due to health and to the whole project.


For 1999, Eduardo Cruz, studying with Christian Hdz, makes the invitation to play in a project, then made only by Saul Martinez and Eduardo Cruz, call: Skull Full of Maggots, after some talks about the Carlos Lopez output, and a couple of months later, Christian Hdz, Invites Saul Martinez (RIP), who years later would be battery and voice RAPED GOD 666, and along with Giovani D., reform the band .. Omar also contact Susunaga on guitar, and Eduardo Cruz enters the low., with which I return to the project, under the name: GENOCIDE, Taking the tracks already made by EXTREME MIND, besides the ideas that were working in the other independent project and Eduardo Saul, complementing the work with Omar, which gave way to the first material of the band, which has the name: BLOOD SPILLED., recorded at drogs Under Prod, by Mauricio Perez, same as Edited by Cryptas Rec is in 2001.


BLOOD SPILLED: It was a production that opened many doors and opportunities to play in the band getting some cities in Mexico. Besides getting more people to bring their presentations, alternating with bands at that time were very important and many of these bands still are, besides participating in the most important festivals of the time. Long after they surfaced this production, Christian Hdz. alignment leaving for personal reasons, taking his place Adrian Dolphin (bass), failing to meet the commitments they had at that time.


WE RAPE THE SKY, WE RAPE THE HELL: In 2001 began preparing a new production already had been working and it took the band to end nearly two years later, as they had to alternate with tours and trials . With this alignment was carried out the preparation of the second production, which began recording in 2003. Adrian Dolphin abandoned the band two weeks before entering the study and responsibility passed to Eduardo Cruz. The entire 2003 production was prepared as for mixing and mastering, as it was looking for a radical change in sound and style, we sought out a more solid sound, and more powerful without losing touch of the first disc, very fast and Direct. The album comes out in 2004 but were very difficult and unstable times for the internal problems of the band. After hard work in the rehearsal room, on tours and presentations within and outside the city, in the study were immediate and dismembers friction band. Saul M. and Edward C. leave the band months after starting the presentations of this next production, so the band manages to contact Antonio Guero (drums) and Adrian Dolphin (Bass) returns to the lines of the band, performing an endless list of presentations, making the first long tours through Mexico with durations of up to 2 ½ months .. after a while, Antonio Islands leaves the band, battery running out of the project and decided to incorporate a drum which accompanied the band in nearly two years of presentations, but two dates in which Mauricio Perez joined the band to play with battery Genocide.


In those years the band was dedicated to squeezing the first two productions and was recorded on mini disc with three new songs, and two that were taken from the album Blood spilled and recorded again but with drum machine, which is kept for anniversary of the band, that would come to them in 2008, and the song spilled blood was taken for the reissue of the album, we rape the sky, we rape the hell, that took place in Europe. In those years the band toured many miles, and also member change, to which both support Genocide grateful.


In 2005: the album WE RAPE THE SKY, WE RAPE THE HELL was reissued by two European labels: Reek of Putrefaction REC. VICTIMS and REC. This album was very active with the band in 2005. With this alignment began work on a new production but the band falls into a terrible run of problems which make one of the important players in the history of Genocide abandon the project .. Omar Susunaga, and is accompanied by Alejandro Piñeiro. The end of 2005 is crucial for the history of the band, as it manages to bring together a great group, with excellent musicians and friends. Alejandro J. proposes to invite the participation of Luis Adrian Galvez (2006-2011), at the time, Batrista of Teratogeny, Luis G. brought more speed, technique, and excellent execution to the band, the most anticipated comeback came with a return to the band of Christian Hernandez, who was in the beginning, member and founder of this whole project. With this alignment is achieved one of the last tours longer than the band has had in its history, and recorded the album called: THE ART OF LUST. Which goes on sale a couple of years later as the band begins a long list of dates in Mexico, and within the City, this album manages to be a more personal taste and a concern for the band, who relizar decide more death metal sound, with Grind Core, which causes desconcieto in people, leaving aside some speed (characteristic of the band), but it is very well accepted ..


The Year 2006: the year that is included in the Genocide, Supreme Brutal Legions, a 4-Way made in Singapore with bands: Germany, Macedonia and Spain, this year, recording a live concert that took place in the city of Querétaro., and also live tracks are taken in other presentations in different cities of the Mexican Republic. This year 2006, Alejandro decides Jaques output., And then the output Cesar Carrillo (bass guitar), who is invited to participate in the band a few months later, and who is included in the album of 10 years of the band, but who only had a couple of presentations, and its output is decided by its lack of seriousness, a few weeks later, he is replaced by: Sergio M. Torrijos: (Bass). In .. begins a series of presentations, plus the preparation of new music, and this is the most active time of the live band in history, presenting Such previous productions, andemas the new album that was already finished, "The art of Lust "even without hitting the market ...during these years, we start to work on the realization of the next production of the band, it is finished recording, and that works almost year and a half in his mixing and mastering, and left as the New Full Disc, which would be released in mid-2013 '. This production finds its identity in the grind core, death metal, and experimental .. resulting, something more extreme than the band has made, exceeding their own expectations techniques, sound and speed, an album that probably would lock all the hate and anger accumulated during all this time, and held the first 15 years of Genocide. While working on layouts, and the preparation and recording of this album, in 2008, Rec Akracia Disco Edits: Ten Years of Hate, which commemorates the first 10 years of Genocide, a Digipack, Biography - Discography that includes a pair of unreleased tracks from the band, and is accompanied by tracks from the other albums .. During these years, the band toured throughout the north and center of the Mexican republic, and also actively participate again with performances throughout the City of Mexico .. being this time, one of the most concrete and active of the Band.


In 2011, the Disco: The Art of Lust, goes on sale on March record labels .. same as to Debut in a South American tour, entitled: The Brutal N 'Lustful Colombian Tour., the band was invited to his first Tour in foreign countries, and with destination Colombia City .. where the band performs in cities such as Bogota, Neiva, Tunja, Zipaquira, and the City of Armenia, as Headliners, where they are accompanied by the most brutal and great bands of this country, the Festival Coinciding Rock Park, where they are invited to a press conference next to the Bands: Destruction, Overkill and Dead Kennedys, the tour ends in the city of Bogota again, with an excellent reception .. where new dates materialize, and are invited to cities such as Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Villavicencio, for next Tour. In the same way, the disc is presented in Mexico, at the Poplar Cultural Tianguis, and in different cities of the Mexican Republic, with the achievement, this disc has a new reissue, made in Central America, for Gate of Horror Rec which is accompanied by a Bonustrack. This year 2011, after the various presentations that have the band within and outside the country, Luis Galvez, former drummer of the band since 2006, has to leave his post because of personal issues that inhibit continue the pace Presentations dates and Genocide handled at the time, so it is impossible to continue ... So, in 2011, Genocide .. makes the invitation, which was one of the Top Drummers of the Band: Antonio Islands (Guero), who after a talk with the band, and exposing the work that lies ahead, accept once again take place, which leave a couple of years ago. A couple of months later, this same 2011, Giovani Duran, personal interest, decides to live in the city of Bogota Colombia, preventing him from continuing the work performed in the band, so, Christian Hernandez has to take the role as Temporary Guitar and voice of the band, giving way to the next record production that had already been recorded while back and it's over, for the rest of the band ..


In 2012, the band is signed to the record label Mexican: Helvete Records, who would be responsible for bringing to market the next 2 Productions Genocide, and taking as the next destination, invites the band present in Central and South America in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Costa Rica, plus a tour of Europe and Asia, are followed with presentations of the new material and preparation of new music for future production .. maybe a new album out in 2014 '..


To date, GENOCIDE, remains a solid band, which has been working for 16 years without a single stop, delivering Grindcore concept with touches ranging from Crust, Hard Core, Noise, Punk, and Death Metal. .. Playing fast, for not to die.


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2013 Foeticide + Nothingness + Evil Entourage + Genocide (4-Way)
2012 The Art of Lust (Centroamerican Reissue)
2011 Perceptions of Decadence or, How to Philosophize with a Knife. (V/A Comp.)