Kill the fucking christian spirit invented to make you feel guilty and now enjoy the pleasures of flesh, this is the only life you have got and there´s nothing left. OEF AMERICA brings you the relief and the cure: SOULCIDE!!!


Death Metal band from Mexico City formed in 2006 by 5 motherfuckers with the only intention of making pure deathmetal. They just want to rock it so you can enjoy the material gifts that body can give you with all your senses, while destroying all catholic matters and dogmas inside your brain. It´s time for hedonism searching for the sweet wines of Dionisus. Release yourself from false doctrines and commit a SOULCIDE!!!


OEF AMERICA 2013, the best painkiller!!!


Soulcide is a Death Metal band from Mexico City, we have 6 years in the Metal Scene, and we are promoting our first LP album "Forged In Chaos" which launched in May this year. We've toured various states of the Mexican Republic, and have shared the stage with bands like Incantation, Cryptopsy, Onanizer, HellDealer, Trauma Moralis,Rectal Smegma, Into Sickness, Disgorge (Mex), Oxidized Razor and many other mexican bands. We've participated in the first Metal in the Forest with Vader,Grave, Impaled and some other local and foreign bands, the festival had the same location than Obscene Extreme will have this year.


Line Up:

Glodo Moreno: Vox

Israel Austria: Drums

Juan Vago: Bass

Edgar Lugo: Guitars

Gerardo Cabello: Guitar


date de parution Nom de parution Média
2012 Forged In Chaos LP
2007 Depths of Homicide EP